Review of Escape to Canamith: Templeton’s Ark

Escape to Canamith: Templeton’s Ark by Richard Friedman. The planet is rebelling. Mother Nature is angry. All forms of life are attacking humans and threatening the food and water supply.  Professor Lila Jenkins, working for the government’s task force, believes scientific reasoning will provide the explanation for everything. Her father, Rex Templeton, Chief Elder of the isolated citizens of Canamith, is convinced that the two thousand year-old prophecy is coming true; the end of mankind. Lila fled Canamith years ago to pursue a teaching career. Was she justified, or was it the biggest mistake of her life? While Lila frantically searches for answers, Templeton’s followers are preparing to seal the door on a myriad of tunnels within the Mountains of Canamith to provide a safe haven from the planets devastation. Templeton is determined to get his daughter and her family back home. A rescue party could cost him even further grief; keeping the doors open too long could spell doom for Canamith.

Escape to Canamith

Escape to Canamith: Templeton’s Ark is now available at Amazon

  • Title: Escape to Canamith: Templeton’s Ark
  • Genre: Science Fiction – Dystopian
  • Author: Richard Friedman (author’s website)

Escape to Canamith: Templeton’s Ark is classified as a science fiction / dystopian novel but I think it’s more of a ecological thriller that really makes you think about what could happen. When I read the author’s website I seen my own personal thoughts were dead on. The author himself says that to him the book is crafted from his admiration of great science fiction writers and concern for the continuing abuse of our environment. Is the book is a good read. I did enjoy it. It’s not heavy in the science fiction but does present some interesting ideas about what is out there and what some of our scientists might be working on. Do I recommend this book? Totally.

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